Treasure hunt madness after $20,000 diamond falls from the sky


A $20,000 cushion-cut diamond that dropped 100,000 feet from space after being placed inside a helium balloon, which popped over a field in the East Midlands region of England, has yet to be found.

diamond-in-the-sky-photo cushion cut

This is the 1.14 carat gem, worth £12,000 (about $20,000), English are after these days.  Credit @77Diamonds | Twitter.

The 1.14 carat gem, which went missing earlier this month, is the central element of a PR stunt by London jeweller 77 Diamonds, called #DiamondsIntheSky. And while the marketing strategy seems to have gone terribly wrong, the truth is the best part of it is still to come, because whoever stumbles across the stone gets to keep it, co-founder Tobias Kormind told The Telegraph.

diamond-in-the-sky-balloon image

The diamond being launched into space. Credit @77Diamonds | Twitter.

And someone will, as inside the box containing the diamond there are two GPS trackers fitted with SIM cards. The jeweller can call the numbers anytime to get an SMS ‘pinged’ back containing the latitude and longitude of the package. Dropping those coordinates into Google Maps reveals a 500 metre-area where the diamond may be found.

Henry Sapiecha

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