Large white RBC 7.36 Carat Diamond Stolen in Geneva Switzerland

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7.36 carat F color diamond of VVS2 clarity has been stolen after being shipped from Moti Kashi Diamonds’ office in Tel Aviv to a client of the company based in Geneva, Switzerland. The client, who is respected and well-known, had received the stone from Moti Kashi Diamonds on consignment.

The diamond, which has Excellent grade in cut, polish, and symmetry, is of medium fluorescence and is certified by the GIA with report number 5161160490, was shipped at the end of September. A few days later, the client informed Moti Kashi Diamonds that he had consigned the diamond to a third party and that it had been stolen.

Moti Kashi Diamonds has requested that the name of the client not be published since they stress that he is an honest dealer and they expect him to take full responsibility for the stolen diamond. Further developments will be published where appropriate, adds Moti Kashi Diamonds, who are requesting to be notified if there is any information about this diamond.

Henry Sapiecha

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