Unknown quantity of diamonds stolen from diamond mine in South Africa + Hong Kong Diamond Necklace worth $4.6m

Undisclosed number of diamonds stolen from South African mine

South African police is searching for sixteen men who stole an undisclosed number of diamonds from a mine near Prieska, Northern Cape, at about 3:40 am Monday.

According to Sapa news agency, the gang tied up security guards and two employees and demanded the safe keys.

Since they were unable to access to the safe, they broke into a room used for sorting the diamonds, running away with an undisclosed number of precious gems, the agency reports.

Undisclosed number of diamonds stolen from South African mine

Also in Hong Kong

On Friday, four people — one of them reportedly a girl between 12 and 14 years old — stole a diamond necklace worth more than $4.6 million in Hong Kong.

The three adults posed as “big spenders” to distract the shop’s employees, an unnamed police source told the South China Morning Post. Meanwhile, the girl grabbed a key to open the cabinet containing the necklace, which was 100-carat gold embedded with more than 30 diamonds, the paper’s source said.

Nobody noticed the necklace was gone until way after the group had left the premises, the paper added.

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