Shree Ramkrishna Export staff member India absconds with rough diamonds worth Rs. 3 crore

Rough diamonds worth Rs. 3 crore were stolen from Shree Ramkrishna Exports’ Surat office. On Monday i.e. 16th March, a known staff member who has been working with SRK for the last three years, stole roughs worth Rs. 3 crore in 3 minutes in a broad daylight in the presence of 30 guards. Despite of the 825 CCTV cameras, the thief was successful in executing the theft.

The thief must have meticulously planned each and every action before carrying out theft, says police.

The thief has been identified as Sagar Ramesh Kapuriya, a 21 year old, belonging to a village called Jam Dadar from Jamkandorna Taluka in Rajkot District of Gujarat. He had been working with SRK for the last 3 years and had gained everybody’s confidence. He was referred to SRK through his uncle Jayantibhai, who is an ex-employee of SRK Surat.

On 16th March, Sagar reportedly entered company premises between 8.30 am to 9 am, which is a regular time for morning shift employees. He collected the roughs but instead of delivering them to the assorters, he left office with 2546 carats diamonds. As he did not reach the assorters as per the scheduled time, the concerned officials alerted the guards and looked through CCTV cameras. CCTV footage showed Sagar leaving office with the goods using backdoor of the company premises. As he was a known employee, even guards did not doubt his intentions.


Henry Sapiecha

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