Elizabeth Taylor’s Taj Mahal Diamond at Center of Legal Dispute

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Elizabeth Taylor‘s heart-shaped diamond, known as the “Taj Mahal”, is at the center of a legal battle between the trustees of the actress’ estate and Christie’s auction house, LA Times reports. The stone was sold for more than $8 million to an anonymous buyer in 2011.

The dispute focuses on an inscription on the piece that bears the name of a Mughal emperor’s wife. Months after the diamond’s sale, the buyer demanded that the sale be canceled based on the buyer’s contention that the stone was not from the Mughal period.

Christie’s agreed to cancel the sale, and demanded  that Taylor’s trust return more than $7 million it received from the sale. The trustees allege the auction house has violated its agreement to auction off the estate and did so only to appease a “VIP customer”.


Henry Sapiecha

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