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Lucapa finds massive rare diamond

lucapa- huge -rough -white -diamond- image

Lucapa Diamond Company Limited has announced that it has recovered its largest diamond yet since alluvial mining commenced at the Lulo Diamond Project in Angola in January 2015.

On the Yehuda rough diamond colorimeter, the 90.32 carat gem is D colour and a Type 2A gem, one of the rarest categories of diamond in the world.

Lucapa also discovered a 63.05 carat Type 2A diamond in April 2015 and two Type 2A diamonds, weighing in at 131.4 and 95.45 carats, in January 2014. To date, the Lulo alluvial diamonds have averaged sale prices of $1,668 per carat, valuing Lucapa’s new find at over $150,000.

As well as the 90.32 carat gem, Lucapa and its partners have found a total of 31 special diamonds and 33 preliminary bulk sampling results from Mining Block 8 since mining commenced in August 2015.

Lucapa and its partners are conducting systematic pitting programs which aim to expand the Mining Block 8 alluvial diamond field.

Last month, Lucara Diamond recovered a 336 carat Type 2A diamond from its Karowe Mine in Botswana, following the find of another Type 2A 341.9 carat diamond in April 2015.


Henry Sapiecha

This blue diamond may become the most expensive gem ever sold at auction

this-blue-diamond-may-become-the-most-expensive-gem-ever-sold-in-auction image

A rare 12-carat, flawless blue-coloured diamond, known as Blue Moon, may soon become the most expensive gem ever sold at an auction as it is expected to fetch up to $55 million when it goes under Sotheby’s hammer on Nov. 11, in Geneva.

To set the world record price for any diamond put to auction, Blue Moon must sell for more than $46.2 million, which is what The Graff Pink went for in 2010.

If it does fetch over that price, the South Africa-mined rock would also be the most expensive blue rock ever sold, beating the Zoe Diamond, which fetched $32.6 million in 2014, international auction house Sotheby’s said.

blue-moon-diamond image

Blue Moon was polished out of a 29.62-carat rough diamond found by Petra Diamonds (LON:PDL) at the Cullinan mine in South Africa. Cora International, a New York- based gem-cutter, purchased the rock and took more than six months to prepare the stone.

Its name is a reference to the idiom “once in a blue moon,” a hat tip to the rarity of finding a diamond of that shade and clarity, Sotheby’s said.


Henry Sapiecha