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Diamond Services reports a lowering threshold for synthetic diamonds, as man-made stones as small as 0.0025 cts. discovered in New York

Barely visible on the electronic scale, these tiny single-cut diamonds were discovered by Diamond Services to be laboratory grown.

HONG KONG: JULY 11, 2017 – Multiple single-cut diamonds, sized from a quarter point to half a point (0.0025-0.005 carats), which were contained in jewellery recently submitted for testing to a Diamond Services laboratory, have been found to be synthetic, greatly expanding the range of goods that can be considered at risk of improper and deceptive disclosure.

The jewellery in question was originally submitted to Diamond Services’ laboratory in New York, and after several stones were detected as being potentially laboratory grown. Due to their size, the owner agreed that 11 of them set in eight rings, ranging in size from 0.0025 carats to 0.005 carats, could be removed and sent for full analysis at Diamond Services’ facility in Hong Kong. There they were examined once again with Diamond Services’ award-winning DiamaTest system, which ratified that the diamonds were synthetic, and these findings were confirmed by examination with the DiamondView system of De Beers’ International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR) and Diamond Services Mini Raman Spectrometer.

Usually restricted to smaller-sized stones, single-cut diamonds typically have 17 or 18 facets, and some as few as 16, compared to the standard brilliant round cuts, which are made up of the 57 or 58 facets. Most round stones are first polished as single cuts, and then the additional facets are added. But when small stones are concerned, they are left as single cuts.

“To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time that a synthetic single-cut stone has been detected mounted in jewelry, and it is a credit to our Diamond Services procedures and set of equipment,” said Jospeh Kuzi, Diamond Services founder and managing director. “What this means is that almost no diamond can be taken at face value.”

The source of the single-cut synthetics is not immediately apparent, but Kuzi noted that the growing availability of CVD man-made diamond may prove to be a factor. “CVD is being widely in areas outside the diamond industry, and now includes diamond wafers being gown in laboratories for use in the electronics industry. It could be that waste from these labs and factories end up being processed as very small single-cut diamonds for jewellery,” he said.

Diamonds submitted for synthetic screening at Diamond Services facilities are tested using several systems, including the DiamaTest and Mini Raman Spectrometer, both of which was developed by the company. The latter is the only system currently available that can definitely test rough and polished diamonds, both mounted and un-mounted, without the need to refer them for further testing, accurately detecting whether they are HPHT or CVD lab-grown synthetics within seconds.

Diamond Services, which was established in 2012 in Hong Kong, specializes in development of synthetic diamond detection devices. In 2013 it first introduced the DiamaPen®, a hand-held laser device that is able to detect fancy colour synthetic diamonds. In 2014 it introduced DiamaTest®, an innovative system that screens both loose and colourless diamonds for synthetics, for which it won the prestigious JNA 2014 Award. The Mini Raman Spectrometer was introduced to the market in 2015.

Diamond Services synthetic screening services are currently available at the company’s headquarters in Hong Kong (19F Shing Lee Comm. Bldg., 8 Wing Kut St., Central, Hong Kong, tel: +1-852-2536-4555); and in the United States (15W, 47th St., Suite #1404, New York City, tel: +1-844-842-8122).

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Shirley Temple’s fancy vivid blue 9.54 ct diamond ring fails to sell at auction

shirley-temples-fancy-blue-diamond-ring-fails-to-sell image

A rare 9.54-carat blue diamond ring that belonged to former child star Shirley Temple has failed to buy a buyer at a touted Sotheby’s auction in New York.

The ring, flush in its original Art Deco setting, was originally expected to bring between $25 million and $35 million.

In the last two months, Sotheby’s heavily promoted the ring, exhibiting it at its bureaus in Hong Kong and Los Angeles and taking it on a major media tour.

shirley-temple-blue-diamond image

The Fancy Deep Blue diamond ring was expected to fetch up to $35 million. (Image courtesy of Sotheby’s)

The Hollywood actress’ father gave her the jewel in 1940, around the time of her 12th birthday and when the girl’s film “The Blue Bird” premiered. Temple’s father paid $7,210 for the ring, the auction house said last month.

Despite its history and rarity — the rock is, after all, fancy deep blue — the ring remains in Sotheby’s hands.

Depending on the lot’s consigner’s preferences, the ring could be recalled, considered for a private sale orchestrated by the auction house, or saved for a future public sale.

Last year, Sotheby’s set a fresh world auction record for any diamond or gemstone ― as well as a record price-per-carat for any diamond or gemstone ― when a 12.03-carat Fancy Vivid Blue diamond sold for $48.5 million.

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Diamond found at Arkansas Park expected to fetch $1 million

diamond-found-at-arkansas-park-expected-to-fetch-1M image

Bobbie Oskarso named her gem “Esperanza,” which is both her niece’s name and the Spanish word for “hope.” (Image courtesy of the Arkansas State Park)

The Esperanza Diamond, believed to be the most valuable precious rock ever discovered in the U.S., is now set into a custom-designed pendant and it is touring the country in search of an owner.

Discovered in July last year at the Arkansas Crater of Diamonds State Park by Bobbie Oskarson of Colorado, the rare icicle-shaped 8.52 carats gem was recently polished and finished by master diamond cutter Mike Botha of Canada’s Embee Diamonds.

diamond-found-at-arkansas-park-expected-to-fetch-1-million image

“The curves of the Esperanza dictated to a large extent what the final shape would be like,” he said in a statement, adding that following the natural icicle shape of the rough stone, one end of the polished diamond is wider than the other.

“This unique shape proved a challenge, but is celebrated in the pendant design.” Botha said.

The diamond features a 147 facet, teardrop cut triolette shape (the first of its kind) and is both internally flawless and a “D” colour.

esperanza-8.52-carat-diamond image

The sparkly, white diamond about half the size of a quarter is the fifth largest found since the park was established in 1972. (Image courtesy of the Arkansas State Park)

Arkansas Park officials said the gem is the fifth largest diamond found since the park was established in 1972.

The former mine that’s now bills itself as “the world’s only diamond-producing site open to the public” has yielded quite a few finds in recent years. But the largest rock ever found at the park was a 16.37 carats gem discovered in 1975.

Black, Starr & Frost will auction the diamond through an open bidding process, which is open until Feb. 15. The diamond is estimated at $1 million.

Watch the transformation of Esperanza diamond in this mini-documentary



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Cincinnati USA: Diamond Heist Foiled as Thieves Get Stuck in Elevator

elevator buttons panel image

A couple who broke into a jewelry store in Sycamore Township in Cincinnati, Ohio, stole 26 diamond rings Thursday night. Unfortunately for them, they were caught at the store when they became trapped in an elevator, reports.

Leroy Bridgman, 56, is accused of breaking into Diamonds Rock with his accomplice, Marcie Young, 61. The two are accused of trying to steal $86,000 worth of diamond rings.

After breaking the glass doors of the store, they tried to flee to the basement, where they had parked, by using the elevator. They became trapped with the diamond rings, screwdriver, and a ski mask, according to police (6)

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Kim Kardashian Buys Diamond Bracelets that Belonged to Elizabeth Taylor

kim_kardashian_realty show image

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who interviewed Elizabeth Taylor for Harper’s Bazaar in February, reportedly paid $65,000 for some of Taylor’s diamond bangle bracelets at last week’s record-breaking auction of the late actress’ jewelry and clothing.
According to blogs, Kardashian chose three jade and diamond bracelets by celebrity jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz.
Taylor’s jewelry brought in a total of $118 million, making it the most expensive private collection of jewels ever auctioned.
Many of the pieces sold for millions above their pre-sale estimates, such as the Krupp diamond ring, which had been expected to sell for $2.5-$3.5 million but eventually went for over $8.8 million.


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US diamond market to shine despite China, India growth: De Beers

HONG KONG: The United States is likely to remain the world’s largest market for diamonds for the next 15 years despite a growing appetite for the gems from China and India, leading producer De Beers said today.

white diamonds on black background image

China has the fastest growing demand, jumping to a share of about 15 per cent of the world’s diamond market from less than three per cent in 2003.

But it is not expected to overtake the US market’s 40 per cent share for more more than a decade, De Beers CEO Philippe Mellier said.

“China and India, the engine for growth, these two big markets clearly could be as big as the US in the next may be 15 years,” said Mellier, who was in Hong Kong for the Jewellery and Gem Fair.

“For China to go up to 40 per cent share of the world market, it’s still some ways to go,” Mellier said, adding that he expects the Chinese market to grow more than 10 per cent per annum for “many more years”.

De Beers said China’s anti-corruption drive, which has hurt demand for luxury goods, would not affect the diamond industry.

“I think our business is less impacted by that compared to others,” Stephen Lussier, CEO of De Beers Forevermark said, with diamonds usually used at weddings and other “emotional events” in life.

Global diamond jewellery sales were around $79 billion in 2013, up 3.0 per cent compared to 2012, according to De Beers’ first Diamond Insight Report.

Sales are expected to grow in the long-term helped by recovery in the US economy as well as the growth of middle-class in developing markets of China and India.

The company had earlier said it expects “good to very good” second quarter results in India, which has seen increasing demand for the gems.

Founded in 1888 in South Africa, De Beers last year reported $1 billion in operating profit — more than double that of 2012.

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